Commercial Surveys: will show the boundary of the property as well as the improvements located on the property, any building lines and easements that are shown on the recorded plat or disclosed the schedule b items as disclosed per the title commitment, and any requirements from the lender. (Category 1A Condition II or ALTA/ACSM requirements will be completed at the client’s request provided we are informed at the beginning of the project.)

Topography Surveys: show the elevation of specific points on the property. The points to be surveyed or the spacing grid is agreed or with the client before the works starts. Existing utility information, location, size, etc. can be included at the clients’ request.

Residential Title Surveys: meet title company requirements to close real estate transactions

Tree Surveys: show location, size and type of trees to meet the individual needs of builders, developers, or architects to submit to certain city entities that may require a tree survey to obtain a building permit.

Elevation Certificate: are forms issued by FEMA for clients to use to obtain flood insurance, builders to use to obtain building permits, builder to use to satisfy city officials for interim slab and final elevations.

Complete Platting Services: We prepare “turn-key” platting services for city and county entities in the Houston Metropolitan Area. This includes preparation of the plats, submittal to the appropriate entity, meeting and follow-ups throughout the platting process until the plat is recorded.