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Why Do You Need an Elevation Certificate?

Flood / FEMA certificates

Elevation certificates are official forms issued by the National Flood Insurance, a program set in place by  FEMA, for clients to use to obtain flood insurance. Depending on the location of your property, you may now be required by your mortgage company to maintain flood insurance due to being located in a flood hazard zone.  Without an Elevation Certificate, your insurance's premium rates will be at its highest, thus costing you thousands over the life of the loan.

An Elevation Certificate will not only potentially lower your insurance rate and save you money, but it will also provide you with essential need-to-know information about your property.  The survey for a Flood Elevation Certificate will include:

  • Base Flood Elevation, how high the water will get during a 100-year flood or storm and the expected damage to your property.  The anticipated flood water elevation values are shown on Flood Insurance Rate Maps and flood plain maps.
  • Elevation Data, these are measurements of the interior and exterior of your property’s floor and major appliance elevations.  A land surveyor or engineer must visit the property to make these measurements. This data is a key factor in your property's Base Flood Elevation values.

Once the aforementioned data is collected and processed, the flood certificate is to be filled out, sent to your insurance agency, and filed away for your personal records.

Only those who are properly licensed can prepare an Elevation Certificate.  Call one of our experienced surveyors or contact us online to discuss your needs and receive a custom quote.

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