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Why Do You Need a Residential Survey?

If you are selling, buying, or refinancing property or if you are using a loan in transaction, you are required to have a survey performed on your property by a licensed surveyor for the State of Texas. The survey will show the boundary of the property as well as all permanent structures located on the property. The survey is for all parties to review before your transaction is completed so everyone knows what is included in the transaction.


Survey Resize Homebuilder

How much does a residential survey cost? -

The cost of a residential survey can vary based on factors such as property size, location, complexity, and the surveyor's fees. Typically, homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars for a residential survey.

What are the common types of residential surveys? +

Common residential surveys include boundary surveys, topographic surveys, mortgage surveys, and flood elevation certificates. Each type serves a specific purpose, such as determining property lines, assessing land features, or meeting mortgage requirements.

What is a residential survey and why is it important for homeowners? +

A residential survey is a process of measuring and mapping a residential property to determine its boundaries, features, and any potential issues. It's essential for homeowners to ensure accurate property lines, avoid disputes with neighbors, and comply with local regulations.

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Home Title Surveys

Home title surveys are a survey of real property by a licensed surveyor. Title company require these surveys to close real estate transactions and insure the title to the property. These surveys are typically required for real estate transactions, and include a boundary, improvements, and easements.

If you are putting up a new fence

You'll need a survey to show the fence company where the property lines are.

If you need to plat or replat property

You must have a current survey to incorporate the necessary data into a new plat for compliance with municipal regulations. Learn more about our complete platting services.

If your property is in a flood zone

If your property is in a flood zone, flood insurance is required, and you will need an elevation certificate.



Isabella Garcia


South Texas Surveying provided excellent a residential survey for our property. Their team was extremely professional, efficient, and accurate. Their work helped us resolve a boundary dispute with our neighbor. We highly recommend their services.

Oliver Bennett

First-Time Homebuyer

We recently purchased a new home and needed a residential survey for our mortgage requirements. South Texas Surveying was prompt, thorough, and provided all the necessary documentation. Their expertise made the process smooth and easy.

Sophia Nguyen


We planned to add a swimming pool to our property, so we went to South Texas Surveying for a topographic survey. Their team was incredibly detailed and efficient, providing us with the data needed to design and construct our dream pool. We couldn't be happier with their services!

Ethan Robinson


After inheriting a family property, we enlisted South Texas Surveying to conduct a boundary survey. Their team was not only professional and accurate but also highly knowledgeable about local regulations. They helped us navigate the complexities of our situation with ease.


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