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Why Do You Need a Residential Survey?

If you are selling, buying, or refinancing property

If you are using a loan in transaction, you are required to have a survey performed on your property by a licensed surveyor for the State of Texas. The survey will show the boundary of the property as well as all permanent structures located on the property. The survey is for all parties to review before your transaction is completed so everyone knows what is included in the transaction.


Home Title Surveys

Home title surveys are a survey of real property by a licensed surveyor. Title company require these surveys to close real estate transactions and insure the title to the property. These surveys are typically required for real estate transactions, and include a boundary, improvements, and easements.

If you are putting up a new fence

You'll need a survey will show the fence company where the property lines are.

If you need to plat or replat property

You must have a current survey to incorporate the necessary data into a new plat for compliance with municipal regulations. Learn more about our complete platting services.

If your property is in a flood zone

If your property is in a flood zone, flood insurance is required and you will need an elevation certificate.

Surveying Texas Property for Over 40 Years

Bonded and insured, we offer all phases of land surveying, including but not limited to ALTA/NSPS land title surveys, Category 1A Condition II surveys, residential surveys, topographic surveys, construction surveys, platting services and elevation certificates.

We have extensive experience all property types including small and large acreage vacant tracts, multifamily properties, apartment complexes, shopping centers, hospitals, office buildings, industrial sites, cell towers, and much more.

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Reliable & Fast Service

The South Texas Surveying family is dedicated to our clients because we understand the importance of each and every project we undertake. It is our family’s name that we take pride in, therefore it is our mission to make sure that every time we take on a survey project, we give it our all.

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