Subdivision Plat Surveys

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Complete Platting & Re-Platting Services

We prepare “turn-key” platting services for city and county entities in the Houston Metropolitan Area. This includes preparation of the plats, submittal to the appropriate entity, and meetings/follow-ups throughout the platting process until the plat is recorded.

What is Platting and When is it Required?

If you’ve recently purchased or acquired a tract of land and plan on dividing it, adding to it, or otherwise developing it, you will come across the phrase “property plat.” Plats are important because they give an accurate description of the land as well as the owner's easement restrictions, things, and access ways on to the property.  Lots comply with restrictions and the city ordinances, and ensure all property owners have access to utilities.

Property plats are necessary during the land development process – particularly when properties are being subdivided.

In Texas, the platting process and the regulations that govern it are generally overseen at the local level by the city or jurisdiction that pertains to the property. Owners of property in unincorporated areas must report to the pertinent county, and landowners in incorporated cities and towns must file plats with the appropriate municipality's planning department.  Virtually every jurisdiction requires plats for any property that stands to be improved with the utility company.

Platting Process

Platting is the way in which property is divided, through laying out on paper or mapping each piece of land. A recorded plat indicates owners lots, reserves building lines, easements and rights-of-way, flood areas, boundary markers, and other permanent attachments to land. Platting generally takes three to four months each for the preliminary and final plat stages and involves:


This process can involve a public hearing and notification of property owners within 250 feet of the property and may be completed in about three to four months. Re-platting involves:

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