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Welcome to South Texas Surveying, a licensed land surveying company serving all of Texas. Our experienced team provides a variety of accurate and reliable land survey services using advanced equipment and techniques.

Pioneers in Texas Land Surveying Since 1980

South Texas Surveying Associates, Inc., a family-owned company, has been a cornerstone in commercial land surveying and residential surveys since 1980. Our journey began with our founder, Fred W. Lawton, RPLS & PE, and Fred. F. Lawton, RPLS, whose vision has propelled us to the forefront of surveying in Texas. We have proudly served the Texas real estate market by providing various surveys, including ALTA/NSPS land title surveys, category 1A condition II surveys, topographic surveys, construction surveys, platting services, and elevation certificates.

Innovating with Technology and Expanding Services through Drones

Embracing technological advancements, South Texas Surveying has expanded its services with a robust drone fleet. Our aerial survey capabilities offer a detailed view of property boundaries and topography, transforming traditional survey methods. The resulting data is processed into a 3D point cloud, invaluable for site planning, boundary line determination, and creating legal descriptions. This innovation not only enhances efficiency but significantly reduces time and costs, aligning with the evolving needs of our clients in the real estate industry.

Our Mission: Total Commitment to Quality and Service

At the heart of South Texas Surveying is our mission to give our all. We understand the importance of each project, and our dedicated team, hand-picked for their knowledge and experience, ensures exceptional service. We take pride in our family name and are committed to delivering 100% effort and care in every project.

Expertise Spanning Decades in Multifaceted Projects

With over 40 years in the field, our specialization in multifaceted land survey and development projects is unmatched. Our extensive library of research material expedites the abstracting process, allowing us to offer quick turnaround times. We are committed to meeting our clients' diverse needs, from commercial land transactions to site planning, and from boundary line determination to providing comprehensive legal descriptions.

Delivering Land Surveys with Attention to Detail

George Owens

I have worked with many surveying companies, but South Texas Surveying stands out for their exceptional professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to their clients.

Kim Wexler

Their accurate and thorough surveys make my job a lot easier, their ability to communicate effectively with all parties involved is commendable. I highly recommend South Texas Surveying.

James Cart

As a new homeowner, I was thoroughly impressed with the
professional service provided by South Texas Surveying. I high recommend their services to any one buying a home in Houston.

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